Enthought Webinar: What Every R&D Leader Needs to Know About ChatGPT and LLMs

ChatGPT and the explosion of advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) are disrupting every industry. We are now living in a new age of AI with an unprecedented pace of advancement. This paradigm shift is forcing all businesses, including innovation-driven companies in the life sciences and materials science, to consider what this means for them and how they can capitalize on this opportunity.

Enthought has been developing transformative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for scientific research for decades. As pioneers in scientific computing, we recognize the technological and strategic inflection point before us all.

You are invited to join Michael Connell (Enthought’s Chief Operating Officer), Robert Kern (Principal Engineer, Algorithms and Machine Learning), and Logan Thomas (Scientific Software Developer) as they deep dive into the relevance and implications of ChatGPT, LLMs, and generative AI for your research team and organization. Register for the event to obtain a recording of the webinar.