Logan Thomas

Software Developer | Technical Trainer | Python Enthusiast

I currently work for Enthought as a Scientific Software Developer and Technical Trainer. Previously, I worked for a protective design firm as a machine learning engineer and I’ve also been employed as a data scientist in the digital media industry.

I am passionate about software and love sharing my knowledge with others. This is my personal blog where I share helpful information about data science, machine learning, and python.

If you’re interested in discussing any of the topics listed on this site, looking for training/mentorship, or just want to catch up over a cup of coffee (in-person or remote), feel free to reach out to me at logan.thomas005@gmail.com

To see other things I’m working on, checkout my GitHub page: loganthomas

Courses Taught To Date

Total Courses: 38

Year Count
2023 4
2022 20
2021 14
Topic Count
Deep Learning (tensorflow & keras) 12
Machine Learning (sklearn) 11
Python Foundations (numpy & pandas) 8
Corporate Hackathon 3
Data Analytics (pandas & xarray) 2
SciPy Tutorial (numpy) 2

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